Here are all the pets the Nico characters have.


Fluffles is Dex's cat. He has really big, black eyes that normally tend to freak people out. He is completely white and is compared to a giant pile of fluff. He hardly ever shows emotion, unless if it's something that can really make him happy, then he'll smile on a really creepy way and start bouncing up and down. He is proven to be a big Skydex supporter, since whenever he sees Skyler with Dex he mostly stands next to Dex's leg and leans over to Skyler's direction, as if wanting Dex to get closer to Skyler.


Pinkie is Harper's dog. She comes from Madrid, Spain, and was given to Harper as her 9 year old birthday present. She is a puddle who is completely pink colored, and is always seen wearing a purple bow on her head. Her personality is very similar to Harper's. She is the most cartoonish pet, being able to speak perfect Spanish. It has been said she can speak English as well.


HairBall is Dex's other cat. Dex got him to replace his first cat Blacky. He is a hairless Egyptian cat, all black, and is said to be magical and able to make Egyptian spells, like Dex. Unlike other pets who use signs to comunicate (not counting Pinkie), HairBall uses magic to create green dust that make out some sort of message. He is very protective of Fluffles, and hurts anyone that dares to insult him. He hates strangers and is very hostile with them at the first time, but later sweetens off at the second.


Charlie is Topher's dog. He is a blac labrador. He is pretty much like any other dog.


Cloud is Connor's horse, who lives on a farm that belongs to Nico. He behaves a lot like Connor: tries to get attention very often, will pose whenever someone tries to take a picture of him, and tends to have somewhat of an attitude. He does not trust anybody to ride him, nobody except Connor. It is said that Dex might be scared of him. 

Sexy Dexie

Sexy Dexie is Skyler's bunny, who resembles Dex in a lot of ways. He is an adorable little black bunny, but has red hair at the tips of his ears. He normally tends to hate whoever Dex or Skyler hates, mostly Tiara. However, unlike Dex, Sexy Dexie isn't as hyper as is rather very mischevious. He loves being pet and has some sort of weird relationship with Skyler's Mom's favorite sofa: he always chews into it and sheds his fur on it as well.