This article talks about the attraction between Connor and Jace, commonly known as Connace. 

Hannah Montana- One In a Million with lyrics

Hannah Montana- One In a Million with lyrics

The Connace theme song


Connor and Jace's relationship started off in a rather fairty-tale kind of way. Connor was cutting himself and finally giving up to dating anyone, and right after Jace appeared and switched all of that around. Jace fell in love with Connor in a way of love at first sight. Connor on the other hand was a bit hostile to Jace at first, but after 5 seconds he was already swooing over him. Jace would then flirt with Connor openly every now and then, even giving Connor his favorite scarf and a shirt. However, Connor wouldn't admit his feelings and kept insisting that they were just friends. It didn't help at all that Dex was against them, mostly since Dex felt that all that would come out of the relationship would be a broken heart. However, Connor and Jace are now a happy couple, and Dex has tried his best to accept him, with a few exceptions every now and then....


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