This article talks about the attraction between Kurt and Sophia or most commonly known as Kurphia.


Kurt and Sophia met via Kaylee, Kurt's best friend who he helps with her magic training and sometimes even fashion advice. Sophia, also having a passion for fashion, became friends with Kaylee quickly, thus leading up to meeting Kurt as well. Kurt always thought of Sophia as a beautiful woman, love at first sight. He then would give any excuse to see her, and he still kinda does. He helps Sophia a lot with fashion advice. Sophia made sure to never take to much advantage of this though, at first seeing of Kurt as a nice guy. It wasn't until later on that Sophia fell madly in love with Kurt. However, she never noticed Kurt's crush on her (even though everyone else has), and thinks that Kurt will reject her, so she hides her feelings. Kurt on the other hand has always felt kinda shy to fess up to his feelings, and keeps them a 'secret'.