Michael "Mikey" William Collins, labelled The Jock, is Gary's main OC.

Killer Bass

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Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Born September 7th
Age 17
Nationality American, Italian, Irish, German
Hometown Lake Worth, Florida
Family Mr. and Mrs. Collins, Jules (little sister), Stepmom, Half sister, Leo (son), Dana (daughter)
Relationship Lacey
Friends Dex, Topher, Jason, Kayleigh, Diana, Aaron, A.T., Nico (possibly), Tyrone, Drew, Aerin, Nicky
Enemies Tiara, Skyler, Madison, Thomas
Fear That his mom will get a boyfriend and will pay less attention to him
Talent Roleplaying (ironic), Baseball
Nicknames Mini-Sized Mikey (as a little kid), Mike, MC Mikey
Voice Actor Jon Hamm

About Mikey

Mikey may seem mean and a prick, but he's really just depressed and insecure deep inside. His dog and true best friend, Dino, died when he was 10. Before that, the two had never been seperated. His parents got divorced about two years before that, and his dad got remarried, and pays more attention to his new wife a little bit more than he does Mikey. After his parents were divorced, Mikey saw his mom kissing her friend (and yes it was a boy) at age 12, and they were clearly on the merge of sex, as he saw his hand near vagina and heard his mother panting. Ever since, Mikey has been insecure that his mother will give a new boyfriend more attention then she does to him. He can be very soft and sensitive, and can get very emotional, but usually is mean because of his insecurity. However, he is also a great friend and is very funny.

Ten Words to Describe Him

  • Funny
  • Insecure
  • Depressed
  • Sensitive
  • Friendly
  • Athletic
  • Taken
  • Sad
  • Awesome
  • Trustworthy


Mikey used to be a player, as it was another way to take his anger and depression out. He dated nearly every girl at school, but then finally Lacey McAdams, the love of his life. They dated for a while, then broke up when Mikey left for a while and each thought the other cheated with somebody else. They got back together, then eventually got engaged and married. They have two kids, Leo and Dana, and are very happy.

Mikey is very athletic, so he obviously is friends with other athletes, including Eli. Dex and Mikey are bros before hoes, and are close friends. Topher and Mikey are also friends, due to their mutual respect for each other. To be continued...

As for enemies, Mikey thinks Tiara is a fake. Mikey hates Skyler because she gave him a taste of his own medicine (when he was a player). Thomas and Mikey hate each other, and Mikey has always had a dislike for Madison.

Old Design

Mikey has had 4 past designs.


"Nobody can bust Mikey's balls like me." - Lacey

"You remind me of my Asian friend, Ug Lee." - Mikey


  • Despite being a stereotypical jock, he is very smart.
  • He likes comics.