This couple was nominated for Best OC Couple Or Pairing  at the 2013 TOscars!

This article talks about the one sided love/hate relationship between Skyler and Dex or commonly known as Skydex.



Soooo, they dated in Juvie. Well, "dated" since Skyler was just using him to get herself out of Juivie. It worked...until the police caught Skyler again. And when Dex ran over to the rescue (and bought a marriage ring...yeah he likes to think things ahead and not keep everything for last), he saw Skyler kising another guy named Luke ( Lauren 's brother) since she was trying to do the EXACT SAME THING she did to Dex to him, and Dex broke up with her and left Juvie to never see Skyler again. Skyler started missing Dex, found out she had really fallen in love with him, and went to get him back aaaaand that's why she auditioned for the show. So basically, this will explain Dex's philophobia (aka. fear of love) and how he is soooooo stubborn to admit that he still has feelings for Skyler.

And as a summary on how they interact...Skyler does a bunch of romantic stuff for Dex but he just turns her down and says he doesn't love her when he really does. Oh and he'll blush like everytime he's around her or everytime he hears her name also.

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