The Gary HQ is a place used for Gary and his OC's hang out and relax. It is very similar to The Nico Studio.


The Drawing Board

The Drawing Board is where Gary and the OC's go to come up with new OC and stories. Currently they are coming up with ideas for Total Drama OC's, Benny (Mikey's older brother) and Aerin (Mikey's ex-girlfriend).

The Lounge

The Lounge is where the OC's like to hang out after a long day of work/school. There is a snack/drink bar, a dance floor, comfy chairs and couches, and a robot maid to do their stuff for them.

The Gym

The Gym is a workout place for the more athletic OC's. Mikey, Tyrone, Nicky and sometimes Drew and Thomas use the gym. There is a basketball hoop, and some weights to work out with.

Skateboarding Park

This is a place mainly for Hayden. The Skateboarding Park is where Hayden comes to get some air. Drew and Thomas sometimes come here also, but mainly Hayden does.

Beauty Salon

Madison and Aerin come here. The Beauty Salon is where the girls go to get their hair and nails done. It's also a spa, so when they feel stressed they come here also.

Study Hall

Only Thomas steps foot in here. The Study Hall is used when Thomas does his homework, and plans his devious plots. The other Gary OC's do their homework at school or they don't do it at all.

Video Game Room

All of the OC's use this room. The Video Game Room has an XBOX360 (with Kinect), a Wii (with two controllers and a WiiU), PlayStation3 and about 4 Nintendo 3DS, 3 Nintento DSi, and a regular DS Lite.