The Troublemaking Trio, also shorted as TTT, is the trio between Skyler , Briana, and Kayleigh
At The Mall

(From left to right) : Briana, Skyler, and Kayleigh


Know for causing trouble wherever they pass, these three chicks have a friendship that nothing in the world could possibly break. Other than all those times that Briana has had her doubts against her two troublesome amigas, the trust between them has never at once been at risk of breaking. These three girls don't have any ordinary goals: Briana wants to get over her shyness, Skyler wants to become the greatest skateboarder that's ever lived, and Kayleigh...well her goal changes in seconds especially since she doesn't know what the word 'goal' means so yeah...

No matter what happens, they know that they can count on the other. However, there are a few things that you can see them mostly doing. But what are those few things? Let's find out. 


TTT Moments

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