Here is each and every single story behind all of my characters' designs.


  • Her shirt was way longer than it is now, because one of her sisters cut a great half of her shirt off as an April Fools prank.
  • Her red cap was given to her by her father


  • He managed to dye his hair hot pink after he was dating a girl from a beauty salon, who dyed it for him. She took care of him and Troy (when he'd actually accept what he gave them) and used to give them food for a while, but they broke up after she wanted to see other people.
    • Billy's original hair color used to be a dark brown
  • He only wears his hoodie open just because he likes to play with his bellybutton...yeah, he's weird


  • She uses that glove on her hand to hide her scar on her hand


  • Connor cut off the sleeves of his hoodie in his emo was a dark time
  • Connor uses the long white sleeves to cover his scars from cutting
  • He got an undercut after it got popular


  • She uses that sweater, jeans, and boots to show off her cold personality.


  • He uses over 95 different hair products to get his hair to be perfect
  • He used to have a slim figure, but has gotten more pudgy from eating too much.
  • He has a weird liking to 90's fashion, hence the chain


  • Her Dad would not take her to get her hair cut, and would say she should do it herself. However, she never learned how to use a scissor, and ended up wearing her hair in that high ponytail


  • None of his family actually has freckles
  • They say he was born without teeth, and that those teeth aren't natural.
  • He got an ass shot because he thought a big ass would get the chicks. It didn't work.
  • He wears green contacts, and his eyes are actually a really pale brown


  • Her curls aren't natural
  • All of her clothes were shoplifted


  • Her father made Tiara dye her hair to not remind himself so much of his ex-wife
  • All of her clothes are from designer
  • Her lipstick was named after her, and made for only her to use.
  • They say she got leg extensions


  • His hair used to be even more awesome than Dex's. His hairstyle changed because he flirted with this witch who condeemed him to always keep his hair wet.

  • Note: The only ones with no story behind their design are Aaron and Troy