Christopher Joshua Hauffman, labeled The Flirty Surfer, is one of Nico's characters.

Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown, Almost Black
Eye color Sky Blue
Age 16
Nationality Half American, Half-spanish, Half-brazilian
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Family Mother, Father, 2 Brothers, and a pet dog named Charlie
Relationship Camrie (attraction)
Friends Skyler, Dex
Enemies Connor
Fear Heights, Having To Read Something Out Loud
Talent Surfing, Being Charming, Winning over girls, Dancing
Nicknames Topher, Toph, Toto, Happy Feet The Human
Voice Actor TBA

Credit For Design: Demi!

About Topher

Topher is basically your typical beach boy. He's into surfing and playing water polo. He lives in California with his mom, dad, brother, and his dog Charlie who he loves to play catch with. His brother envies him because while he is nerdy, hated and ugly Topher is handsome, charismatic, and loved by pretty much everyone. But Topher doesn't mind this, since for him it's really hard to get on his bad side. The only defect Topher has is that he can be a whore sometimes, might date one person yet flirt with the other when his date isn't around. He can love two people at the same time and he's bisexual, so he gets the best of both worlds.

Topher signed up to Total Drama so he could find more lovers and get away from his brother.

Words To Descrbe Him

  1. Surfer
  2. Horny
  3. Sexual
  4. Flirty
  5. Kindhearted
  6. True
  7. Charming
  8. Fair
  9. Chilled


As I have probably stated before Topher is bisexual, meaning he'll have crushes on both men and women. He's also very flirty as also stated, so if he likes someone or finds someone rather attractive he'll tell them and try to win them over. Most of these people gladly accept this, since Topher is considered to be rather handsome and charming.

Old Design

Topher is one of my only few characters not to have a re-design.



"There's enough Topher for everyone." --Topher

"Sup? Name's Christopher, but call me Topher...or Babe." --Topher

"I feel my boner rising" --Topher

"Boner-worthy" --Topher

"He gets a boner by just looking at himself in the mirror." --Lulu


  • He's my most pervy character :B hurr
  • He has dyslexia
  • He has a very harsh conflict with his teacher, Mr. Feet
  • He's a great dancer at salsa, and he used to practice it a lot when he was a little kid
  • Even if he's not fluent, he speaks a little bit of Spanish
  • His birthday is on August 23rd
    • His Zodiac sign is Leo ♌